Engineering Manager, Senior Web Developer

Rocky Neurock

Rocky Neurock

About Me

I’m an experienced software engineering leader having served as Head of Engineering, Engineering Manager, Tech Lead, and UI Architect. I take a people-first, servant leadership approach, and place an emphasis on pragmatism.

When I’m not busy being a dad, I enjoy cycling, bouldering, and playing guitar. Located in Lund, SE.


  • Utopia Music

     //  Engineering Manager II
    Jun 2022 – Present
    • Simultaneously managed 4 cross-functional engineering teams spanning radio monitoring and publishing rights tracking on YouTube.
    • Within radio monitoring, I managed the teams responsible for automatic content recognition, station management, and visualization of music consumption.
    • Within publishing rights, I managed the team responsible for TrackNClaim, a product that clarifies which publishers are claiming what on YouTube.
    • Technologies: Go, Scala, Node.js, Nest.js, TypeScript, React, CSS, Postgres, Kubernetes, Docker, Google Cloud, Datadog, Git.
  • Clark

     //  Engineering Manager
    Apr 2021 – May 2022
    • Served as the Engineering Manager for the Tech Platform Services team which was responsible for Clark’s mobile app runtime and event stream, as well as providing architectural guidance/governance and large-scale dependency updates.
    • Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Go, Swift, Kotlin, TypeScript, Node.js, Capacitor, Ember.js, CSS, AWS, Git.
  • Honeypot

     //  Head of Engineering
    Jul 2020 – Jan 2021
    • Developed a career growth framework for software engineers of all levels.
    • Established cross-functional engineering teams and worked with Product and Design to create larger cross-functional product development squads.
    • Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Ember.js, CSS, Datadog, Heroku, Git.

Experience Continued

  • kloeckner.i

     //  Team Lead
    Aug 2017 – Jun 2020
    • Lead a cross-functional development team in an agile environment. Mentor, teach, grow and manage my team members.
    • Work on suite of web apps built with Phoenix, Rails, Ember and Vue.js and assist with CI/CD setup, GitLab administration and automated system testing.
    • Organize community efforts including meet up hosting, conference attendance, blogging and cross-team training/pairing.
    • Technologies: Elixir/Phoenix, Ruby on Rails, Ember.js, Vue.js, Sass, Postgres, Elasticsearch, Kubernetes, Docker, Google Cloud, Git.
  • Tilde

     //  Staff Engineer
    Feb 2016 – Apr 2017
    • Work on the Ember, Rails and Java apps that make up the front and back-end of Skylight, a smart profiler for Rub and Rails apps.
    • Mentor younger developers and interns to develop features and/or applications.
    • Demo Skylight at conferences like EmberConf and RailsConf.
    • Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Java, Ember.js, CSS, Cassandra, DynamoDB, AWS, Git.
  • HealthSparq

     //  UI Architect
    Sep 2012 – Feb 2016
    • Lead entire frontend team, interfacing with other team leads, mentoring frontend developers and building living code standards as the team grew and changed.
    • Build frontend code for multi-tenant SaaS products having a broad ranges of features.
    • Design and implement build tools for CI as well as core components shared amongst all frontend applications.
    • Technologies: Java, Node.js, Ember.js, Dojo, jQuery, Bootstrap, Sass, Oracle, SOLR, Jenkins, Git.
  • Company 52

     //  Frontend Developer
    Oct 2011 – Aug 2012
    • Develop frontend code for all client projects. Develop some minor back-end code.
    • Build custom themes for PHP frameworks like WordPress, Magento, LemonStand and CodeIgniter.
    • Technologies: PHP, WordPress, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, MySQL, Subversion.


  • Leadership

    Engineering management, career growth, agile methodologies, hiring, recruiting, teaching, mentoring, team organization.

  • Community

    Conference and meet up speaking, hosting, and sponsorship.

  • Languages

    I’ve spent time with dozens of different languages. A few of my favorites include: Go, Elixir, Zig, Ruby, Clojure, and JavaScript/TypeScript.


  • Mirage GraphQL

    I created and maintain Mirage GraphQL, a library for handling GraphQL requests with Mirage JS.

  • TODO Go

    A small TODO app I made to get some hands-on experience with Go and HTMX.


  • No Graph Theory Required

    A talk on integrating GraphQL with Ember. Presented at EmberFest 2018 in Amsterdam.

  • A Few Thought Nuggets

    A lightning talk about helpful programming paradigms that have made a huge difference in my daily work life. Presented at EmberFest 2019 in Copenhagen.

Related Interests

Open source software, software/API design, accessibility, UI/UX design, teaching, mentorship, and leadership. When I have the time, I love learning new programming languages.